What You See is What You Get

I created this blog for my ambiguously-named college writing class entitled What You See Is What You Get. I would have to admit, that whenever people would inquire about my college classes I would tell them the name of this one and they would ask me what it meant and I would have to respond with “I have absolutely no idea.” However, upon attending the first class, it has become apparent that I am not only going to like, but benefit from this course and I hope that my first impression is correct. I have a lot of ideas for what I want to do in my time here and I hope everyone else shares the same feeling! Our first reading inspired me to post the link to a particularly humorous tumblr blog i’ve seen before:

Shit Rough Drafts!

It’s hilarious and timely:)
(Also, i apologize for the redundancy of this post since most of the people who will be reading this are also taking What You See is What You Get. Sorry guys!)


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