Lipstick, Laxitives, and a total disregard for social cues.

“I’ll have my brothers fuck you up” she shouted at the man, according to the police report and news accounts. “I’ll get a gun if i have to, an I got four brother who’ll whup your ass.” 

This, my friends, is the voice of Detroit’s city councilwoman. 

She’s a characterture of a person, and a complete contradiction to who should ACTUALLY be running the country. LeDuff describes her as a “self-absorbed, self-serving diva.” He claims that she spent tens of thousands of dollars on overseas trips paid for by the city’s pension fund. And he claims, it wasn’t his problem, it wasn’t his job. LeDuff even uses the specific word: “she was the perfect political caricature wrapped up in a real human being.

Calling another politician “Shrek”, fighting with a thirteen year-old girl and calling her a “plant”, feeling up a reporter in the niddle of a bar, discussing her plan’s for designing “brassieres for plus-size woman” after politics. 

Charlie presents Conyers as someone insane and completely self-absorbed, both causing and benefiting from problems in detroit. She’s someone who’s totally out of touch with reality. She’s impulsive, almost manic in her actions. She gives him a fake name on the phone in “you better get my loot” before inviting him to a cooking show right before she was sent to the federal penetentiary, and just sits there and smiles likes nothing is wrong.She complains about the penitentiary, that it wasn’t nice enough for her, even though she was obviously there for a reason.

Most simply put, Conyers is the most complelling character because she is the most ridiculous-she plagued my mine the most because I couldn’t believe she was real. 


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