First day of projects

WHATTTT. Ok. I am, as always, completely in awe of the talent and creativity that my classmates possess. WHY ARE YALL SO COOL. On a serious note, I feel like we saw so many different and thought-provioking ways to consider identity today, and each was legitimate and special in it’s on way. SO. On with the comments! 

Vik: Well, sir. You are no doubt a natural conversationalist and performer. I appreciated the balance of professionalism and humor, and found myself relating with nearly everything you said. The topic was perfect and timely, and I think your delivery was flawless. You kept the audience engaged and atmosphere light, and it definitely gave us insight on who you are as a person and how you view the Michigan community. Wonderful job!

Matt: Wonderful! I loved the idea of combatting with your identity, being controlled by the thoughts you try to control. I thought that your video was very funny, and I give you major props on the difficult film editing. However, it was not just entertaining, it proved the point that you are, ultimately, the master of your own identity. But, it didn’t beat around the bush and delivered this message in a light and humorous way. 

Justin: I know you said your project was crude, and I completely disagree. The use of stick-figure stop motion is such a unique art medium, and it was incredibly entertaining while portraying a very inspiring message. Also, I thought the music was wonderful and I have a lot of respect for you for taking control of all facets of your project. It was, to me, almost like a short film they would play before a pixar film (that’s a compliment!) Great job! 

Marlee: Wow, I had no idea that you were such a talented poet. Your talent for cinematography clearly came through, and I loved seeing the different clips of you throughout your life. I feel like the music, poem, and images worked together beautifully and seamlessly and gave the entire class a very endearing glimpse into who you are. It was truly a beautiful piece of art, and I was very impressed. 

(I went next but if I had to critique my own work it would go something like “why don’t you ever wear pants? It’s below twenty degrees. Also, stop online shopping and do your homework.”) 

Alix: I LOVE the medium of collage, first of all. Therefore, I thought your project was great! You made a very crucial arguement: there are so many things about people that we can’t tell by looking at them. I loved the interplay of your inner and outer self, how what is on the surface impacts the internal and vice versa. Your talent for art is apparent, as it was wonderful to look at! Lovely! 

Rachel: The mosaic was so cool, I distinctly heard Vic say something about how much he hates cool people. Anyway. You showcased a very smart perspective on life: yes, it would be wonderful if our lives were just mosaics of the fun, exciting, and enlightening times we’ve had, but that isn’t what life is about. I liked how you included the bad times too-experinces you’ve used to learn and strengthen yourself. I thought your project was aesthetically interesting, easy to understand, and poignant. 

Diana:  From one fashionista to another, I just want to say how much I admire your style and confidence. You carry yourself unlike anyone else i’ve ever met. I think that your outfits really did capture your identity- who you were, how that has shaped you into who you are now, and how that will impact the woman you become. It was a simple yet incredibly effective way of documenting your life journey. I loved all of the outfits that you put together, and I thought the structure of the piece was perfect. WORK IT, GIRL 😉 

Abbie: Love. Love. Love. Love. I wasn’t sure how you were going to portray the vast idea of “carpe diem” into a 90 second video, but it was fantastic. You are obviously an incredibly talented photographer, and you seemed to have captured authentic and beautiful moments of life. People being happy, people being themselves, people just living. I feel like the quote was perfect, and the music and cinematography were perfect matches. Wonderful job, girlie! 

Eric: Your project was, to put it plainly, such a feel-good piece. I mean, obviously. The song was named “Happy.” I loved the idea and concept, and I believe that you were correct- the way you interacted with the music really did show who you are. It was fun, lively, and energetic, and filmed in a very interesting way. Great job! 

(If I forgot anyone someone correct me! But I LOVE YOU ALL EVERYTHING WAS SO FABULOUS YAY.) 


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