My name is Sarah Barnitt! I’m a University of Michigan freshman.

I spend about one third of my time trying to pick out what to wear, one third trying not to come off as idiotic in social situations (the efforts are usually futile), and one third wondering how close I am to my next cup of coffee.

My loves for J. Crew, Shakespeare, and breakfast foods know no bounds.
I’m a triplet, a daydreamer, I know absolutely nothing about the world and that is beautiful and terrifying.

As a writer, I grasp at straws, feel too much and then vomit it out into phrases and sentiments that somehow make sense. But i’m changing, growing, and figuring out how this process works as I go.

I try to be profound, endearing, successful. I fail. Sometimes I’m cynical, sometimes affectionate, always worried about other people’s perceptions and never sure of my right to occupy space. My hobbies include wearing red lipstick, acting, crying and sometimes doing all three at the same time.




Past, present, future, and an audio representation.


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